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“Many thanks, iRepairMotown. I was definitely in a jam as I totally cracked my iPhone 6S and couldn’t access any of my information.

I got in touch with these guys through my work phone and was able to schedule an appointment an hour later. They saved the day!”

Luke C

“So thankful these guys exist. They met me at my office and fixed the shattered screen on my brank new iPhone 7. I was in tears.

It is an easy as just calling and telling them a time and place. 100% recommend iRepairMotown to all my friends and coworkers. What a find! “

Amy S

“These guys are awesome! Thank you so much for repairing my iPhone this afternoon. I’m so relieved! The cracked screen was starting to cut my fingers everytime I tried to type.

I’m really happy I called you guys and scheduled an appointment.”

Ahmed T

Cracked iPhone Screen Repair in Detroit

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Cracked iPhone Screen in Detroit?

Carl was not a happy camper after this weekend when he discovered that he had a cracked iPhone screen in Detroit. Life was going so smoothly for him. It was the summer time. He was with friends. He was close to the water and cold beverages. Unfortunately, however, his...

Detroit iPhone Repair – Get Your Cracked Screen Fixed Today!

Brian gave us a call today looking for a Detroit iPhone repair service that would be able to assist him with his cracked iPhone screen. Several days ago, he walking walking around the Greektown area on his lunch break. When he went to remove his iPhone from his pocket...

Where To Get My Cracked iPhone Fixed in Detroit?

...was the question Brian asked himself this afternoon. After his iPad 4 took a tumble to the concrete floor, Brian was in need of a iPad repair service in Detroit that could fix his broken screen fast. After searching around for a few minutes, he stumbled upon us and...

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