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“Many thanks, iRepairMotown. I was definitely in a jam as I totally cracked my iPhone 6S and couldn’t access any of my information.

I got in touch with these guys through my work phone and was able to schedule an appointment an hour later. They saved the day!” Luke C

“So thankful these guys exist. They met me at my office and fixed the shattered screen on my brand new iPhone 7. I was in tears.

It is an easy as just calling and telling them a time and place. 100% recommend iRepairMotown to all my friends and coworkers. What a find! “

Amy S

“These guys are awesome! Thank you so much for repairing my iPhone this afternoon. I’m so relieved! The cracked screen was starting to cut my fingers everytime I tried to type.

I’m really happy I called you guys and scheduled an appointment.” Ahmed T

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Some people are curious and often ask - how much to repair a cracked iPhone in Royal Oak? Well, we have the answer. Depending on what model iPhone you have, prices vary from $69 to $249. The latter price is for replacing a cracked screen on an iPhone X. A bit...

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Some of customers wonder if it is possible to fix a cracked iPhone screen at home in Detroit? The answer to that question is definitely yes! You can definitely fix a cracked iPhone screen at home, but we do have to offer some advice. Many times we get phone calls from...

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Royal Oak Cracked iPhone Screen Repair

Royal Oak Cracked iPhone Screen Repair John was looking for a repair service to fix his cracked iPhone 8 screen. He had done this several times before. This time, however, he was on traveling on business in the Royal Oak area. He needed his cracked iPhone 8 fixed...

Best iPhone Repair Service in Detroit!

Why thank you! Kim gave us some high remarks for the iPhone Repair Service we providing her in Detroit yesterday. She had been walking around with a broken iPhone screen for quite some time. After one too many comments on the condition of her screen, she decided it...

iPhone Glass Cracked – What can I do?

Give us a call! A few days ago, a fellow Detroiter cracked the glass on her iPhone 6. Within minutes she began looking for a repair service that could replace the cracked screen on her iPhone. Like many of our customers, she turned right to the internet. A few clicks...

Rebecca has never seen a cracked iPhone 6S screen before. She has definitely heard from friends. And read articles. Even caught wind of people waiting in line talking about their cracked iPhone screens. But never before has she seen one - much less had one of her own....

Cracked iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

Caroline got it touch with us yesterday looking for an iPhone repair service in Detroit that could fix the broken screen on her iPhone 7. She had been walking around with a broken screen for almost 6 months and decided it was time to replace the cracked screen. She...

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Ouch! Never a fun time to crack your iPhone screen in Detroit. This one was especially brutal. Tony dropped his iPhone 7 while getting coffee this morning. When he bent down to pick it up, he was amazed with all the new colors that had emerged. A bit artistic he...