Detroit Cracked iPhone Screen Repair


We offer free on-site iPhone repair. In other words, we come to you.  Your office, neighborhood coffee shop, hotel lobby, wherever. We also offer free pick-up and delivery. Our technicians are very professional and super quick, so we won’t be in your hair for too long.


We pick up, repair and deliver cracked iPads as well!

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Step 1

Give us a call, shoot us a text, or book an appointment online 248-965-9877

Step 2

We set up or confirm your appointment and show up at your requested time and location

Step 3

Within a minutes of our arrival, your device is fixed and life is good again!


We travel to your office or neighborhood coffee shop to fix your broken iPhone anywhere in and around Detroit 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Many thanks, iRepairMotown. I was definitely in a jam as I totally cracked my iPhone 6S and couldn’t access any of my information.

I got in touch with these guys through my work phone and was able to schedule an appointment an hour later. They saved the day!”

Luke C

“So thankful these guys exist. They met me at my office and fixed the shattered screen on my brand new iPhone 7. I was in tears.

It is an easy as just calling and telling them a time and place. 100% recommend iRepairMotown to all my friends and coworkers. What a find! “

Amy S

“These guys are awesome! Thank you so much for repairing my iPhone this afternoon. I’m so relieved! The cracked screen was starting to cut my fingers everytime I tried to type.

I’m really happy I called you guys and scheduled an appointment.”

Ahmed T

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Detroit iPhone X Fix Screen

In all of our years doing iPhone repairs in Detroit, we have never seen a screen quite like this one. When we first turned it on, it looked like the universe. Glowing with green atmosphere and cosmic stars in the far distance. Beautiful. Mysterious. Ever-changing....

Wayne State iPhone Repair

Alexis called us this afternoon looking for a Wayne State iPhone repair. She was in need of a service that could replace the screen on her iPhone X. Last night, while cycling around campus, her beloved iPhone X fell out of her pocket. When she went to pick it up off...

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