Cracked iPhone Screen Repair in Detroit

Cracked iPhone Screen Repair in Detroit

Cracked iPhone Screen Repair Detroit

John was bummed. He was getting out of his car yesterday morning when he witness his iPhone 6 go crashing to the concrete. He had left it on his lap while driving and forgot to remove it once he pulled into his parking spot. The result – you can see in the picture. A cracked iPhone screen. No fun at all!

After gathering himself (and possibly wiping away some tears), John worked his way up to his office where he began looking for iPhone repair services in Detroit that fix cracked iPhone screens. A few clicks here and a few clicks there, he soon came across iRepairMotown and decided to give us a call. Within a few minutes we had set up and appointment with him to repair his cracked iPhone screen in Detroit. He could no longer look at his broken iPhone 6 screen much less run his fingers along its service. It was beginning to send shards of glass right through his finger tips. John was delighted that he came across a service that could meet him at his office and do the repair right on the spot.

We met John that afternoon and spent about 30 minutes repairing the cracked screen on his iPhone 6. When asked about what happened, John mentioned that he had dropped his iPhone hundreds of times. This however, was the first time it had actually cracked. He often sees his friends and coworkers walking around with broken iPhone screens, and wondered if it would ever happen to him. Unfortunately John’s time was up and it was his turn to crack his iPhone. Although saddened and slightly embarrassed, he was happy to have found us and schedule an appointment that would get his phone back to normal. For anyone looking for a cracked iPhone screen repair Detroit, be sure to give us a call!

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