Cracked iPhone Repair Cost – Detroit and Royal Oak

Cracked iPhone Repair Cost – Detroit and Royal Oak

Are you looking for the Cracked iPhone Repair Cost? Look no further – you’ve come to the right place. iRepairMotown is the service to use when looking for a way to replace the cracked screen on your iPhone. This is what Albert did. Last week he dropped his iPhone in his garage and cracked the screen. The result you can see in the picture. This was one of his most favorite possessions. But sadly the fall on the garage floor had shattered the screen.

Cracked iPhone Repair Cost – Detroit and Royal Oak

When Albert got to his office, he began asking around. Did anyone know how much a cracked iPhone repair costs? Fortunately for Albert, one of his colleagues knew the answer because he had used our service before. Albert was recommended Detroit’s Best iPhone Repair Team – iRepairMotown! A few minutes later when Albert arrived in his office, he began to do his research. He did a Google search for Cracked iPhone Repair Cost in Detroit and quickly found us. Within minutes he was on the phone setting up an appointment.

Repairing a Cracked iPhone Screen

We met Albert at his office in downtown Detroit on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. After a short greeting, Albert found us a spot in one of the conference rooms on his floor. We got started and in just under 30 minutes we had a brand new screen on his iPhone. It looked like nothing had ever happened. Albert essentially had a new phone. He was delighted and thanked us for all the amazing work. Glad we could help Albert! If anyone else in the office has any trouble with their phones, please do keep us in mind. We love what we do and we love helping out folks in the city of Detroit and surrounding areas. For a list of prices for cracked iPhone repair cost, please check out below:

iPhone 5   –   $69

iPhone 5C   –   $69

iPhone 5S   –   $69

iPhone SE   –   $69

iPhone 6   –   $79

iPhone 6 Plus   –   $79

iPhone 6S   –   $89

iPhone 6S Plus   –   $89

iPhone 7   –   $99

iPhone 7 Plus   –   $99

iPhone 8   –   $109

iPhone 8 Plus   –   $109

iPhone X   –   $249

iPhone Repair Near Me – Detroit, Mi

iPhone Repair Near Me – Detroit, Mi

Simon was looking for a iPhone repair service that could replace the broken screen on his iPhone 6S. He began his search in his usual fashion – by typing in what he was looking for. In this case he hit “iPhone Repair Near Me in Detroit”. Sure enough, we popped right up. Simon was so impressed that he decided to visit our website at iRepairMotown to see what we were all about.

iPhone Repair Near Me – Detroit, Mi

Simon scrolled through our website trying to learn more about our services. After a few minutes, he was delighted to learn that we come to our customers and replace their cracked screens on the spot. Repairs usually take about 30 minutes. Simon decided to give us a call and set up an appointment for us to come to his office in downtown Detroit.

We Come to You!

We met Simon in the lobby of the 17th floor in his office building not too far from Campus Martius. He set us up at one of the conference tables on his floor and we went right to work. As we started to replace the screen, we asked Simon how he had broken his iPhone 6S. Reluctantly Simon said he was out with some buddies and had a few too many adult beverages. When he went to take his phone out of his pocket, it slipped and went crashing to the concrete floor. Having landed on one of the corners, you can see the results in the picture. Simon was not happy and hated the cracks on his screen. He quickly began to wonder if there was a iPhone Repair Near Me that would be able to replace his broken screen. The next day he got in touch with us and we helped make his iPhone 6S pretty again.

Royal Oak Cracked iPhone Screen Repair

Royal Oak Cracked iPhone Screen Repair

Royal Oak Cracked iPhone Screen Repair

John was looking for a repair service to fix his cracked iPhone 8 screen. He had done this several times before. This time, however, he was on traveling on business in the Royal Oak area. He needed his cracked iPhone 8 fixed fast. After searching online for a short while, he stumbled upon iRepairMotown – a Royal Oak Cracked iPhone Screen Repair service that works wonders for people in Southeast Michigan. He rang us up and scheduled an appointment.

iPhone Repair in Royal Oak, Michigan

We met John at a local coffee shop just off of Woodward Ave. His iPhone 8 was in bad shape. Apparently he had been walking around with a cracked screen for quick some time. This morning though, dropping his iPhone 8 on the concrete really set it over the edge. The result you can see in the picture. There were colored lines all over the place. Not to mentioned the cracked glass that was starting to slice his fingers.

Fix My Broken iPhone Screen

He was delighted by the convenience of our service. We come to our customers and repair their broken screens right in front of them. Usually repairs take about 30 minutes – enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee. John sat right in front of us as we went to work replacing his cracked iPhone 8 screen. In roughly 25 minutes, we had replaced the cracked glass screen on John’s iPhone and had it looking like new again. He could go about his day and get back to work. Having his screen repaired numerous times before, he expressed what an amazing service we provide. It was the smoothest repair service he has experience in the 4 cracked screen experiences he’s previously had. So happy we could get John’s iPhone 8 fixed and get him back on his way. Thanks for the kind words John!

Best iPhone Repair Service in Detroit!

Best iPhone Repair Service in Detroit!

Why thank you! Kim gave us some high remarks for the iPhone Repair Service we providing her in Detroit yesterday. She had been walking around with a broken iPhone screen for quite some time. After one too many comments on the condition of her screen, she decided it was time to get it replaced. Kim went searching for the best iPhone repair service in Detroit and quickly found iRepairMotown. Within minutes, she had us on the phone and setting up an appointment.

Best iPhone Repair Service in Detroit

We met Kim at her favorite local coffee shop in Midtown. She was kind enough to have a warm coffee waiting for when we arrived. Thanks Kim! After a short chat about her cracked iPhone, we got right down to it. Generally repairs take about 30 minutes. But with Kim’s iPhone, we were able to get it down in about 22 minutes. Fast! Kim sat right across from us and we had a very delightful chat as we plugged away on replacing her broken iPhone screen.

Wow – this is the best iPhone repair ever!

We were delighted to help Kim get her iPhone screen looking like new again. No Detroiter should be walking around with a broken or cracked iPhone or iPad screen – especially when there is such an amazing service like iRepairMotown. For nearly 10 years we have been fixing iPhone and iPad screen around the metro-Detroit area. If you or any one you know, has a broken iPhone or iPad – please put them in touch! We generally can repair your cracked screens on the same day as you call. If you have any questions about our service or would like to learn more about our pricing, please don’t hesitate. We love working with people from all over the area to help them fix their broken devices.


iPhone Glass Cracked – What can I do?

iPhone Glass Cracked – What can I do?

Give us a call! A few days ago, a fellow Detroiter cracked the glass on her iPhone 6. Within minutes she began looking for a repair service that could replace the cracked screen on her iPhone. Like many of our customers, she turned right to the internet. A few clicks away, she discovered Detroit’s Best iPhone Repair Service – iRepairMotown. After scrolling through our website for a little bit, she decided to give us a call.

We were able to set up an appointment with her for the following day. She recommended meeting at one of Detroit’s finest coffee shops – Dessert Oasis – in the downtown area. When we arrived, we saw that she had wrapped her broken iPhone in plastic wrap. Saving her fingers from being chopped off was the main reason. Believe or not, we’ve seen this technique quite a bit. Cracked iPhone screens can be sharp and dangerous! And if you’re not careful, you can really harm your fingers.

In just under 30 minutes, we had her cracked iPhone screen replaced with a brand new one. Her iPhone was looking like new again. We did recommend getting a iPhone case. Sometimes having that little bit of extra protection can help iPhones from breaking. If you or anyone you know out there is walking around with a broken iPhone screen, have them give us a call. We love repairing cracked screens throughout the Detroit area.