Steve was in need of the best cell phone repair service in Detroit. He had been walking around for hours with a badly shattered iPhone 7 screen. With every swipe or tap, he fingers were beginning to feel the pain. Last night, his favorite Apple device took a tumble and landed hard on the pavement. The result you can see in the picture. Not happy, Steve began looking around for repairing options.

Sitting at his office desk, he typed in the best cell phone repair service into a simple Google search. Ranked way at the top was none other than iRepairMotown. Detroit’s #1 iPhone Screen Repair Team. Steve was delighted to learn there was such a service. Additionally to his amazement, this service actually comes to him and repairs the broken phone on the spot.

Best Cell Phone Repair Service

A few minutes later, Steve was on the phone with us setting up an appointment to meet him at his office downtown. We met him in the lobby and got right to work. Not entirely sure we could fix the incredibly damaged iPhone, we were happy when we finally turned it on to see the Apple logo. Amazing! The phone was still alive. If you or any one you know if walking around with a broken iPhone screen, have them give us a shout today!

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