iPhone Repair Cost – Fix Screen at Home in Detroit

iPhone Repair Cost – Fix Screen at Home in Detroit

Julie gave us a call last week looking for the iPhone repair cost of her iPhone 8 Plus. She had unfortunately broken the upper left hand corner of her beloved baby. It all happened when her cell phone snuck out of her pocket and down into the siding of her recliner. When she got up, she heard it catch. The screen had cracked. Worse yet – it even lost its functionality. Julie couldn’t even send text messages. She was not happy.

iPhone Repair Cost. – Detroit and Royal Oak

Julie walked over to her computer and began looking for options to get her iPhone 8 Plus back to normal as soon as possible. She first did a look for the iPhone repair cost of her iPhone. What was it going to cost her? How long was it going to take? Within a few minutes, Julie had stumbled upon one of the best businesses in Detroit. Yes, you guessed it – iRepairMotown. After scrolling through our website for a short while, she was anxious to get in touch. Using her husband’s phone, she rang us up.

Fix iPhone Screen at Home

We were happy to hear from Julie but obviously saddened by the situation. Getting your phone crushed is never a fun time. After explaining our services and the iPhone repair cost, we set up an appointment to meet with Julie later that afternoon. Within two hours of calling us, we were at her home in downtown Detroit working on her iPhone 8 Plus. Shortly there after, Julie had a new screen and a functional phone again. She was psyched! If you or anyone you know is looking for the iPhone repair cost for fixing a cracked screen, look no further. You can find our listing page here. Please feel free to get in touch with us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you!

Cracked iPhone Repair Cost – Detroit and Royal Oak

Cracked iPhone Repair Cost – Detroit and Royal Oak

Are you looking for the Cracked iPhone Repair Cost? Look no further – you’ve come to the right place. iRepairMotown is the service to use when looking for a way to replace the cracked screen on your iPhone. This is what Albert did. Last week he dropped his iPhone in his garage and cracked the screen. The result you can see in the picture. This was one of his most favorite possessions. But sadly the fall on the garage floor had shattered the screen.

Cracked iPhone Repair Cost – Detroit and Royal Oak

When Albert got to his office, he began asking around. Did anyone know how much a cracked iPhone repair costs? Fortunately for Albert, one of his colleagues knew the answer because he had used our service before. Albert was recommended Detroit’s Best iPhone Repair Team – iRepairMotown! A few minutes later when Albert arrived in his office, he began to do his research. He did a Google search for Cracked iPhone Repair Cost in Detroit and quickly found us. Within minutes he was on the phone setting up an appointment.

Repairing a Cracked iPhone Screen

We met Albert at his office in downtown Detroit on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. After a short greeting, Albert found us a spot in one of the conference rooms on his floor. We got started and in just under 30 minutes we had a brand new screen on his iPhone. It looked like nothing had ever happened. Albert essentially had a new phone. He was delighted and thanked us for all the amazing work. Glad we could help Albert! If anyone else in the office has any trouble with their phones, please do keep us in mind. We love what we do and we love helping out folks in the city of Detroit and surrounding areas. For a list of prices for cracked iPhone repair cost, please check out below:

iPhone 5   –   $69

iPhone 5C   –   $69

iPhone 5S   –   $69

iPhone SE   –   $69

iPhone 6   –   $79

iPhone 6 Plus   –   $79

iPhone 6S   –   $89

iPhone 6S Plus   –   $89

iPhone 7   –   $99

iPhone 7 Plus   –   $99

iPhone 8   –   $109

iPhone 8 Plus   –   $109

iPhone X   –   $249

Best iPhone Repair Service in Detroit!

Best iPhone Repair Service in Detroit!

Why thank you! Kim gave us some high remarks for the iPhone Repair Service we providing her in Detroit yesterday. She had been walking around with a broken iPhone screen for quite some time. After one too many comments on the condition of her screen, she decided it was time to get it replaced. Kim went searching for the best iPhone repair service in Detroit and quickly found iRepairMotown. Within minutes, she had us on the phone and setting up an appointment.

Best iPhone Repair Service in Detroit

We met Kim at her favorite local coffee shop in Midtown. She was kind enough to have a warm coffee waiting for when we arrived. Thanks Kim! After a short chat about her cracked iPhone, we got right down to it. Generally repairs take about 30 minutes. But with Kim’s iPhone, we were able to get it down in about 22 minutes. Fast! Kim sat right across from us and we had a very delightful chat as we plugged away on replacing her broken iPhone screen.

Wow – this is the best iPhone repair ever!

We were delighted to help Kim get her iPhone screen looking like new again. No Detroiter should be walking around with a broken or cracked iPhone or iPad screen – especially when there is such an amazing service like iRepairMotown. For nearly 10 years we have been fixing iPhone and iPad screen around the metro-Detroit area. If you or any one you know, has a broken iPhone or iPad – please put them in touch! We generally can repair your cracked screens on the same day as you call. If you have any questions about our service or would like to learn more about our pricing, please don’t hesitate. We love working with people from all over the area to help them fix their broken devices.


Say it ain’t so – Fix my iPhone Screen in Detroit

Say it ain’t so – Fix my iPhone Screen in Detroit

Megan sent us a repair form that said fix my iPhone screen in Detroit. We called her right away and let her know we could be there to the rescue. Over the phone, we asked her what had happened to her iPhone SE screen. She said she had only owned it for about two months. It was her first iPhone and she was absolutely in love with it. She took it everywhere she went – to the mall, to the show, to the park, to work. She used it as an alarm clock and listened to her favorite podcasts on it. It was her baby.

Today, however, she was devastated. When reaching in her purse this morning to grab her wallet, her iPhone SE must have caught a snag and came falling out. The phone took a long tumble to the ground and smashed the screen. The result you can sadly see in the picture. Megan said to herself ‘say it ain’t so’ as she picked up the cracked iPhone SE screen from the ground. Tears rushed down her face and she developed a sick feeling in her stomach. What was she going to do. What would her friends say about this. How could she move forward with her life.

Fortunately, a passerby witnessed the whole ordeal. When he walked up to Megan, he looked at her screen and quickly recommended the best iPhone repair service in Detroit – iRepairMotown! She felt relieved! There is a iPhone screen replacement service out there that can fix her broken iPhone SE screen. She ran to her office and looked us up online by searching ‘fix my iPhone screen in Detroit.’ She loved our name and decided to give us a call. We scheduled a repair appointment with her later in the afternoon and fixed her screen within minutes. Glad we could help Megan!

iPhone Repair Detroit – Where can I get my iPhone fixed?

iPhone Repair Detroit – Where can I get my iPhone fixed?

Julian was our most recent customer looking for a service for iPhone Repair Detroit. He broke his iPhone 6S the other day while walking across the street. Having felt a vibration in his pocket, he reached for his iPhone only to watch it go crashing to the concrete sidewalk. The result you can see in the picture above.

He was not happy. This phone had been with him through thick and thin, good times and bad. Now it was sitting there on the table with a broken screen. After shedding a few tears, Julian began the search for a screen replacement service and looked for iPhone repair Detroit on his computer. Within a few seconds he found a fantastic company called iRepairMotown. A quick look on our site, he learned that we can come to him at his office in downtown Detroit and repair his screen right in front of him. He decided to give us a call.

We scheduled an appointment with Julian later that afternoon. After weeks of looking at a cracked iPhone screen, Julian was now ready to have his iPhone back to normal. We met him at his office in the Ally building in downtown Detroit and replaced the broken screen on his iPhone 6S in just under 30 minutes. Julian was impressed! His iPhone was looking like new again and he felt like he could go back into the world without the shame of walking around the streets with a cracked screen.

If you are in the downtown Detroit area and looking for a iPhone Repair Detroit service – we’re here to help! Just fill out one of our repair forms or simply give us a call. We’d love to schedule an appointment with you and help turn those frowns back into smiles. Give us a call today!

iPhone Repair Detroit

Detroit iPhone Repair – Get Your Cracked Screen Fixed Today!

Detroit iPhone Repair – Get Your Cracked Screen Fixed Today!

Brian gave us a call today looking for a Detroit iPhone repair service that would be able to assist him with his cracked iPhone screen. Several days ago, he walking walking around the Greektown area on his lunch break. When he went to remove his iPhone from his pocket the phone went falling to the ground, cracking the glass screen. He was devastated. For years he had seen people walking around Detroit with broken and cracked iPhone screens, but not once did he ever think it would happen to him. Now, unfortunately, he was the new owner of a cracked iPhone screen in Detroit. No fun. He was anxious to get it fixed, as the glass was beginning to cut his finger tips everytime he tried to swipe his phone. After a few days of this he decided to look online for a Detroit iPhone repair comany that could replace the cracked screen on his iPhone. Within a few clicks he stumbled upon iRepairMotown and decided to give us a call. Shortly after talking with Brian we had set up an appointment with him at his office in Corktown. In just under 45 minutes we had replaced the broken screen on his iPhone 6 and had him on his way. Brian was very kind with his praise of us and we were delighted to have helped. For anyone in the Detroit area looking for a quick, affordable, and reliable Detroit iPhone repair service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re always happy to help and will work with you to find a time and place that’s suitable for your needs. We do repairs on all Apple devices that have screens. Most of our business, however, comes from cracked iPhone and iPad screens. Give us a call today! We’re here to help!

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