iPhone Repair Cost – Fix Screen at Home in Detroit

iPhone Repair Cost – Fix Screen at Home in Detroit

Julie gave us a call last week looking for the iPhone repair cost of her iPhone 8 Plus. She had unfortunately broken the upper left hand corner of her beloved baby. It all happened when her cell phone snuck out of her pocket and down into the siding of her recliner. When she got up, she heard it catch. The screen had cracked. Worse yet – it even lost its functionality. Julie couldn’t even send text messages. She was not happy.

iPhone Repair Cost. – Detroit and Royal Oak

Julie walked over to her computer and began looking for options to get her iPhone 8 Plus back to normal as soon as possible. She first did a look for the iPhone repair cost of her iPhone. What was it going to cost her? How long was it going to take? Within a few minutes, Julie had stumbled upon one of the best businesses in Detroit. Yes, you guessed it – iRepairMotown. After scrolling through our website for a short while, she was anxious to get in touch. Using her husband’s phone, she rang us up.

Fix iPhone Screen at Home

We were happy to hear from Julie but obviously saddened by the situation. Getting your phone crushed is never a fun time. After explaining our services and the iPhone repair cost, we set up an appointment to meet with Julie later that afternoon. Within two hours of calling us, we were at her home in downtown Detroit working on her iPhone 8 Plus. Shortly there after, Julie had a new screen and a functional phone again. She was psyched! If you or anyone you know is looking for the iPhone repair cost for fixing a cracked screen, look no further. You can find our listing page here. Please feel free to get in touch with us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you!

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