Keisha typed in Cell Phone Repair Near Me to see what would pop up. Earlier this morning, she had dropped her iPhone 7 Plus on the ground. The result you can see in the picture. Artistic. Colorful. Cracked. She was not happy, especially with the fact that the cracks caused the phone to not work properly.

Cell Phone Repair Near Me

After a few minutes of extreme frustration, she turned to her computer and began looking for options to get it fixed. Was it even possible? Is there an iPhone repair service in downtown Detroit that could do such a thing? Keisha decided to find out. A search for Cell Phone Repair Near Me turned up one of the best companies in Detroit – iRepairMotown!

As she read, Keisha learned that this was a mobile phone repair service that goes to their customers to fix and replace broken screens. Within minutes on the phone, Keisha scheduled an appointment with us to meet her in the lobby of her office building. She was delighted at how smooth the process was going. In under 25 minutes, we had Keisha’s iPhone 7 screen replaced and looking like new again. If you or any one you know has a similar issue, please have them give us a call today!

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