Rebecca did a search for cheap iPhone repair in Detroit and was delighted to stumble upon our service. We offer FREE, on-site mobile phone repairs for your Apple devices. Over the years, we’ve become Detroit’s #1 iPhone and iPad Repair Service – servicing thousands of broken iPhones and iPads all over the city. Having dropped her iPhone over the weekend, Rebecca was looking for a quick and easy way to have the glass screen replaced.

Cheap iPhone Repair in Detroit

Working long hours in the downtown area, she was looking for a mobile phone service that could either come up to her office or meet her in the lobby to do the repair. Fortunately for Rebecca, she found the right repair service in Detroit. We met her in the lobby of Chase Tower. In just under 20 minutes we had Rebecca’s phone looking like new again. She was thrilled. With a big smile on her face she said if any of her friends ever needed a cheap iPhone repair in Detroit she would definitely point them in our direction.

If you or any one you know has been walking around with a broken iPhone or cracked iPad screen, have them get in touch with us today. Generally we can repair your screen in under 20 minutes – and do it right in front of you! Get in touch with us today!

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