Are you looking for the Cracked iPhone Repair Cost? Look no further – you’ve come to the right place. iRepairMotown is the service to use when looking for a way to replace the cracked screen on your iPhone. This is what Albert did. Last week he dropped his iPhone in his garage and cracked the screen. The result you can see in the picture. This was one of his most favorite possessions. But sadly the fall on the garage floor had shattered the screen.

Cracked iPhone Repair Cost – Detroit and Royal Oak

When Albert got to his office, he began asking around. Did anyone know how much a cracked iPhone repair costs? Fortunately for Albert, one of his colleagues knew the answer because he had used our service before. Albert was recommended Detroit’s Best iPhone Repair Team – iRepairMotown! A few minutes later when Albert arrived in his office, he began to do his research. He did a Google search for Cracked iPhone Repair Cost in Detroit and quickly found us. Within minutes he was on the phone setting up an appointment.

Repairing a Cracked iPhone Screen

We met Albert at his office in downtown Detroit on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. After a short greeting, Albert found us a spot in one of the conference rooms on his floor. We got started and in just under 30 minutes we had a brand new screen on his iPhone. It looked like nothing had ever happened. Albert essentially had a new phone. He was delighted and thanked us for all the amazing work. Glad we could help Albert! If anyone else in the office has any trouble with their phones, please do keep us in mind. We love what we do and we love helping out folks in the city of Detroit and surrounding areas. For a list of prices for cracked iPhone repair cost, please check out below:

iPhone 5   –   $69

iPhone 5C   –   $69

iPhone 5S   –   $69

iPhone SE   –   $69

iPhone 6   –   $79

iPhone 6 Plus   –   $79

iPhone 6S   –   $89

iPhone 6S Plus   –   $89

iPhone 7   –   $99

iPhone 7 Plus   –   $99

iPhone 8   –   $109

iPhone 8 Plus   –   $109

iPhone X   –   $249

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