Cracked iPhone Repair in Detroit

Steph got in touch with us today looking for a cracked iPhone repair in Detroit. Yesterday she had dropped her iPhone 8 on the ground, smashing the screen’s corner. The result you can see in the picture. She wasn’t happy. Hundreds of times she has dropped it, but unfortunately this was the time where it really did some damage. Not wanting to continue walking around town with a shattered screen, she began looking for a cracked iPhone repair in Detroit.

#1 iPhone Screen Repair in Detroit

Having worked in Detroit for over a decade, Steph wondered if there were any companies in the downtown area that could provide such a service. A quick Google search for Cracked iPhone Repair in Detroit turned up a little service called iRepairMotown. She clicked on the link to learn a little more about what we offer. Scrolling through our pages she found that we were a mobile service and come to our customers to do the repair. Repairs generally take less than 30 minutes. And with each repair comes a 6-month warranty. Fantastic!

Broken iPhone 8 Screen Fixed in Detroit

Once she was happy with our service, she decided to give us a call. We picked up right away and scheduled an appointment with her for later that afternoon. We met Steph at her office in the downtown area and were able to replace the broken screen on her iPhone 8 in under 25 minutes. She was thrilled! Her iPhone 8 was looking like new again. Steph could go about her day as if nothing ever happened. If you or anyone you know is looking for an iPhone screen repair service, guide them in our direction. We’d be happy to set up an appointment with them right away. We look forward to helping you get your iPhone back to normal.

Cracked iPhone repair in detroit


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