A simple search like “Fix My iPhone Screen in Detroit” may bring up a number of different iPhone repair services in the Detroit area. Many of them provide a wonderful service for iPhone owners to get their cracked iPhone screens replaced. One, however, stands out from the rest. Not just because of the awesome name (come on – iRepairMotown is pretty sweet!), but more so because of the friendly, fast, and efficient service this company provides for iPhone and iPad owners who have unfortunately been through a difficult time. We love what we do, helping out fellow Detroiters replace their broken or cracked screens.

Today Ryan explained to us that he did a Google search for Fix My iPhone Screen in Detroit and came across several different options. He chose us because he needed his iPhone 6S fixed FAST! We are located right down the street from him and could meet him during his lunch hour. Ryan had broken his iPhone 6S after dropping it one too many times. Although he had a case on it, the way it dropped proved to be too much for the phone to handle. It ended up cracking and taking out most of the screen.

Ryan gave us a call in the morning and we were able to meet with him shortly after. Check out the before and after pictures of his iPhone. We loved the background wallpaper on his phone, but the cracks were definitely taking away from the beauty of that beach. As the clock in the photos show, it took us exactly 23 minutes to replace the broken screen on his iPhone 6S. If you are looking for a fast, friendly, and efficient iPhone screen repair in Detroit, be sure to do a quick search for Fix My iPhone Screen in Detroit and give us a call.

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