Sean typed in fix my iPhone screen near me to a Google search to see what would happen. A few days ago he had dropped his iPhone 6S Plus on the pavement and shattered to screen. It was so bad that he couldn’t even open the phone anymore. And he couldn’t receive text messages or phone calls. Life was low for Sean at this point. What was the rest of the world doing. How could he check in on his mother. What was the score of the game.

Fix My iPhone Screen Near Me

Having borrowed his friend’s phone, a quick search for fix my iPhone screen near me brought up an amazing repair service in Detroit – iRepairMotown. Tapping on the phone number provided, Sean gave us a call. After explaining the situation, we assured Sean that we’d be happy to help.

In just under an hour later, we met Sean at his favorite coffee shop in the midtown area. Once we sat down with him, we got right to work on his iPhone 6S Plus screen. 20 minutes later, Sean was looking at his newly fixed iPhone. He could get back to communicating with the rest of the world. He told us his first call would be to his mama to let her know everything was OK.

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