Some people are curious and often ask – how much to repair a cracked iPhone in Royal Oak? Well, we have the answer. Depending on what model iPhone you have, prices vary from $69 to $249. The latter price is for replacing a cracked screen on an iPhone X. A bit expensive, so please do be careful out there. For a complete list of our prices for iPhone and iPad screen replacement service, check out our PRICING page found here.

How Much to Repair a Cracked iPhone in Royal Oak

Jeremy rang us up the other day and wanted to know how much to repair a cracked iPhone in Royal Oak. We told him our cost and explained to him the convenience of our service. We are mobile and fast! Whether you’d like to meet at a local coffee shop or a conference room in your office building, we can meet you wherever it is convenient. Jeremy loved the idea of getting his iPhone repaired while he was at work. We scheduled an appointment later in the afternoon and met him in the Royal Oak/Ferndale area.

Cracked iPhone Fixed in Under 30 Minutes

We met Jeremy at his office and got right to work. He had dropped his iPhone while getting out of his car earlier in the day. The iPhone went crashing to floor and smashed the screen into pieces. He was not happy with the result of the drop. Bummed and now walking around with a cracked iPhone, he started to look for services that could help. He asked himself – how much to repair a cracked iPhone in Royal Oak? He was hoping it wouldn’t be a fortune. After speaking with us, he was delighted by what our service offers and scheduled an appointment. We were able to get his iPhone looking like new again in only 25 minutes.


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