Julian was our most recent customer looking for a service for iPhone Repair Detroit. He broke his iPhone 6S the other day while walking across the street. Having felt a vibration in his pocket, he reached for his iPhone only to watch it go crashing to the concrete sidewalk. The result you can see in the picture above.

He was not happy. This phone had been with him through thick and thin, good times and bad. Now it was sitting there on the table with a broken screen. After shedding a few tears, Julian began the search for a screen replacement service and looked for iPhone repair Detroit on his computer. Within a few seconds he found a fantastic company called iRepairMotown. A quick look on our site, he learned that we can come to him at his office in downtown Detroit and repair his screen right in front of him. He decided to give us a call.

We scheduled an appointment with Julian later that afternoon. After weeks of looking at a cracked iPhone screen, Julian was now ready to have his iPhone back to normal. We met him at his office in the Ally building in downtown Detroit and replaced the broken screen on his iPhone 6S in just under 30 minutes. Julian was impressed! His iPhone was looking like new again and he felt like he could go back into the world without the shame of walking around the streets with a cracked screen.

If you are in the downtown Detroit area and looking for a iPhone Repair Detroit service – we’re here to help! Just fill out one of our repair forms or simply give us a call. We’d love to schedule an appointment with you and help turn those frowns back into smiles. Give us a call today!

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