Simon was looking for a iPhone repair service that could replace the broken screen on his iPhone 6S. He began his search in his usual fashion – by typing in what he was looking for. In this case he hit “iPhone Repair Near Me in Detroit”. Sure enough, we popped right up. Simon was so impressed that he decided to visit our website at iRepairMotown to see what we were all about.

iPhone Repair Near Me – Detroit, Mi

Simon scrolled through our website trying to learn more about our services. After a few minutes, he was delighted to learn that we come to our customers and replace their cracked screens on the spot. Repairs usually take about 30 minutes. Simon decided to give us a call and set up an appointment for us to come to his office in downtown Detroit.

We Come to You!

We met Simon in the lobby of the 17th floor in his office building not too far from Campus Martius. He set us up at one of the conference tables on his floor and we went right to work. As we started to replace the screen, we asked Simon how he had broken his iPhone 6S. Reluctantly Simon said he was out with some buddies and had a few too many adult beverages. When he went to take his phone out of his pocket, it slipped and went crashing to the concrete floor. Having landed on one of the corners, you can see the results in the picture. Simon was not happy and hated the cracks on his screen. He quickly began to wonder if there was a iPhone Repair Near Me that would be able to replace his broken screen. The next day he got in touch with us and we helped make his iPhone 6S pretty again.

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