Ouch! Never a fun time to crack your iPhone screen in Detroit. This one was especially brutal. Tony dropped his iPhone 7 while getting coffee this morning. When he bent down to pick it up, he was amazed with all the new colors that had emerged. A bit artistic he thought, despite being sadden by the fact that he now needed a iPhone screen replacement in Detroit.

He began looking around for repair services that could replace the broken screen on his iPhone 7. This was a first for him. Plenty of his friends had broken their iPhone screens before so he knew it was a possibility. Before long he found an amazing iPhone repair service in Detroit that could replace the screen on his iPhone. After a few minutes he give us a call and set up an appointment.

iPhone Screen Replacement in Detroit

We met Tony at his office in downtown Detroit and replaced the cracked screen in about 30 minutes. Right in front of him! He was impressed by how easy the whole process was. We try to put a wonderful service together for our customers. And try to make it as simple as possible to replace the screen on your broken and cracked iPhones and iPads. Repairing iPhone and iPad screens is our favorite thing to do!

If you or any one you know is walking around the city of Detroit with a broken iPhone screen, have them give us a call. We can usually replace the broken screen the same day you call us. Wether it’s at your home, office, or coffee shop, repairs generally take about 30 minutes. Our work is guaranteed and we have a six-month warranty on replacement screens. We love helping folks get their devices back to normal and look forward to hearing from you soon!

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