Sarah gave us a call looking for an on-site iPhone repair service in Detroit. She was stuck at work and could not access her iPhone 6S. Her iPhone was too badly damaged. As you can see from the picture, Sarah did quite a number on her phone. Friday nights can be rough. Because of that, Saturdays are usually are busiest times for fixing broken iPhones in Detroit.

On-site iPhone Repair in Detroit

Sarah needed her iPhone fixed. And she needed it done fast and conveniently. After searching around for a few minutes, she came across Detroit’s best iPhone repair service – iRepairMotown. Using her work phone, Sarah rang us up in hopes of setting up an appointment ASAP. We were able to schedule an appointment with her for 30 minutes after she called.

Detroit’s Best iPhone Repair Service

We met Sarah at her office and got right to work. To be honest, we weren’t sure we’d be able to fix the shattered iPhone. From the looks of it, the iPhone 6S seemed beyond repair. Our technician told Sarah that chances were low that her iPhone could be brought back to life. We tried anyways. To everyone’s disbelief, when we put the new screen on a miracle happened. The iPhone 6S lit up with the Apple logo and began to boot. Amazing! We hadn’t seen such a bad break in ages.

Fixed iPhone 6S Screen in Minutes

Sarah was delighted that we could get her iPhone screen back to normal. She couldn’t have been happier with an on-site iPhone repair service in Detroit. She was excited to tell all of her friends and co-workers of this wonderful service. If you are walking around town with a beat up iPhone, give us a shout. We’d be happy to bring it back to life for you.

On-site iPhone repair

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