Deborah! Congratulations Deborah! (Although that is not your real name. We wanted to protect one of our clients from the “delight” of having a worst cracked iPhone we have seen in a while. How did this happen, you ask. Well, it all started when Deborah decided to put her iPhone SE on top of her car when she was trying to get into the driver seat. Her hands were full and she thought she could just place her iPhone on the roof of her car in order to get everything in order before returning home from a long day at work. Once she was settle and things were organized in her car, she started up the engine and drove off. Within seconds she realized what she had done only to look out the rear-view mirror at her iPhone SE bouncing off the concrete road behind her.

When she drove back to pick up her iPhone off the ground, the result looks like it does in the picture. She was devastated. Her baby had taken a beating and now she was sure if she’d ever be able to get it working again. A few tears were shed and a huge hit to her pride took place. How could she do such a thing. To her somewhat relief, she could still hear the phone ring and feel it vibrate. She thought there might be a chance to bring it back to life.

Enter iRepairMotown to the rescue! She had heard about our service through the grapevine (shout out to one of Motown’s best – Marvin Gaye) and decided to get in touch. She filled out one of our repair forms and got a call on her office phone moments later. We scheduled an appointment with her an hour later. To her amazement, a screen replacement did the trick and she had her baby back to normal.

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