Robert typed in Phone Repair Shop Near Me to see what would pop up. He had been walking around with a cracked iPhone 7 for nearly two months. Today was the day he was going to get it fixed. While downtown Detroit, he decided to go looking for a service that could do the job.

Although cracked, his iPhone 7 was still working. Tiring from the swiping his fingers across the shattered screen, it was time to find a phone repair shop near me, he thought. He opened up Google Maps to see what would come of it. To his delight he found an iPhone repair service just around the corner in the Campus Martius area. Within minutes he was on the phone with us setting up a repair.

We met Robert on the One Campus Martius building. No longer a Tim Hortons, we met in the coffee shop and found a table to sit down at. When we asked him how he found us, Robert said he just typed in Phone Repair Shop Near Me and we popped right up. Amazing! It still amazes us how these algorithms and search engines connect people and services around the world. To say the least, we were happy Robert found us and was able to give us a call.

After about 20 minutes we replace the screen on Robert’s iPhone 7 and had the device looking like new again. Robert was happy to have what looked to be a new phone again. If you or anyone you know is walking around with a cracked iPhone screen, have them give us a call today!

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