Megan sent us a repair form that said fix my iPhone screen in Detroit. We called her right away and let her know we could be there to the rescue. Over the phone, we asked her what had happened to her iPhone SE screen. She said she had only owned it for about two months. It was her first iPhone and she was absolutely in love with it. She took it everywhere she went – to the mall, to the show, to the park, to work. She used it as an alarm clock and listened to her favorite podcasts on it. It was her baby.

Today, however, she was devastated. When reaching in her purse this morning to grab her wallet, her iPhone SE must have caught a snag and came falling out. The phone took a long tumble to the ground and smashed the screen. The result you can sadly see in the picture. Megan said to herself ‘say it ain’t so’ as she picked up the cracked iPhone SE screen from the ground. Tears rushed down her face and she developed a sick feeling in her stomach. What was she going to do. What would her friends say about this. How could she move forward with her life.

Fortunately, a passerby witnessed the whole ordeal. When he walked up to Megan, he looked at her screen and quickly recommended the best iPhone repair service in Detroit – iRepairMotown! She felt relieved! There is a iPhone screen replacement service out there that can fix her broken iPhone SE screen. She ran to her office and looked us up online by searching ‘fix my iPhone screen in Detroit.’ She loved our name and decided to give us a call. We scheduled a repair appointment with her later in the afternoon and fixed her screen within minutes. Glad we could help Megan!

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